Hill Sprints

Dan and I recently took a trip to Boyne Mountain Resort in Boyne, MI. Since my little accident that resulted in 7 stitches in my thumb has prevented me from weight lifting, I decide to take my cardio to the next level by sprinting 500 vertical feet up SuperBowl.

Hill Sprints are an awesome overall body conditioning workout. They’re Jerry Rice’s favorite exercise even at over 50 yrs old he does them everyday. Proof that at any age anyone can do this!

The best way to prepare yourself is to bring water to stay hydrated. Sprint as far as you can then rest, and go at it again. If sprinting is to much walk it instead your still going to get an amazing workout!

Join me in this short video on my journey to the top. I had just finished sprinting it, so this was my second time up, and that time I did walk it.