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Core Workouts

Hey all! I’ve complied a list of my favorite core workouts. If your looking for some new moves to sculpt and define your abs then you’ll definitely want to check these out. “Yummy Abs” “Sexy Shoulders and Ripped Core” “Medicine Ball 5 min Abdominals” “Coreology Key To Six Pack Abs” Make sure to subscribe to […]


Yummy Abs!

These three abdominal exercises will get you those yummy abs you’ve always wanted, and it’ll also sculpt and tone your shoulders! Time to get ready for summer with this quick ab fix. A twofer just for you! You can watch the video on our web page, but make sure to visit our channel R.A.W. Fitness […]


Today I started my Spring Transformation Challenge. I’m so excited and a little scared too! My goal is to make even healthier cleaner choices than I already was. We’re going to see how much I’ll be able to transform my body in just 6 weeks! This is a series so if you haven’t subscribed to […]