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A Fitness Competitors Diet

A FITNESS COMPETITORS DIET As you can imagine my most asked question is, “What are you eating” or “What is your diet like”. People want to know how I do it. They want to know how I manage to get my body fat down to 8%. My answer is, and will always be it’s your […]

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Peanut Butter Nutritional Facts

Best Peanut Butter Ever PB2 1

BEST PEANUT BUTTER EVER PB2 At spinning last Thursday one of my clients told me about PB2 powdered peanut butter. It’s much healthier for you than traditional peanut butter we’re all used to. I’m so glad she made the recommendation, because this stuff is freaking awesome! This is actual peanut butter, but it’s powdered. They […]

Can To Much CARDIO Be A Bad Thing?

Can to much CARDIO be a bad thing? What do you think? As a Trainer people often stop me at the gym to ask questions. They want to know what they should be doing, if they’re doing it correct, how often they should be doing it, and at what intensity. That’s just exercising then we’ve […]


Today I started my Spring Transformation Challenge. I’m so excited and a little scared too! My goal is to make even healthier cleaner choices than I already was. We’re going to see how much I’ll be able to transform my body in just 6 weeks! This is a series so if you haven’t subscribed to […]