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A Fitness Competitors Diet

A FITNESS COMPETITORS DIET As you can imagine my most asked question is, “What are you eating” or “What is your diet like”. People want to know how I do it. They want to know how I manage to get my body fat down to 8%. My answer is, and will always be it’s your […]

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NPC Bikini Competition Update

NPC BIKINI COMPETITION UPDATE!! OMG! I cannot believe how long it’s been since I’ve been in touch. I’ve kept my YouTube videos up to date, but I’ve had difficulty posting daily. I’ve been really busy with life in general besides training for my NPC bikini competition that’s only 4 weeks away now! Here’s an update […]

A Healthy Way to Prepare Fish 1

A HEALTHY WAY TO PREPARE FISH: Protein is the leading nutrient in my new diet to get me ready for my competition in April. I try to switch it up to keep it fresh. Right now I’ve been eating a lot of fish from Cod, Tilapia, and Tuna. It’s important to cook your fish properly […]

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NPC Training – Day 6

NPC Training – Day 6 Who Hoo! Second week of my training, and I feel….awesome! Bet you weren’t expecting to hear me say that. The first week was rough, but Monday I felt the best I’ve felt yet. I finally feel like I’ve got a handle on my diet, and my body is starting to […]

Figure Competition Training – Day 3 & 4 2

Figure competition training – Day 3 & 4 Happy Friday everyone. Today is day 4 of my figure competition training so I’m going to compile yesterday and today’s training into one post. Yesterday was day 3 of my figure competition training, and I trained with my coach. This was the hardest day yet. The biggest […]

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Figure Competition Training – Day 2

Day two of my figure competition training. I must say the hardest part so far is the nutrition I plan on talking to my coach tomorrow to get more clarification about that. He gave me a meal plan, but there are no numbers so I’m kinda unclear how much to eat. The only numbers I […]

Vegetable Chicken Stir Fry

VEGETABLE CHICKEN STIR FRY Looking for healthy dinner ideas then look no further. I made this vegetable chicken stir-fry for dinner last night and it was delish! The meal was loaded with colorful vegetables, and flavor it provided my body with the perfect balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. I started by tossing a […]

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How To Eat Healthy and Affordably While Traveling

Do you have a vacation coming up in the near future or maybe your going to be traveling for work? Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to throw your diet out the window. I’m going to share with you how to eat healthy and affordably while traveling. I’m on vacation this […]

A Day’s Meals

I get asked questions about diet everyday so hopefully this will help give you a glimpse into a day’s meals of what you should or in some cases shouldn’t be eating to stay healthy and fit, sustain energy throughout the day, and keep your belly full. Many people tell me when their “dieting” they feel […]


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Clean Eating and Juice Cleanses

Clean Eating and Juice Cleanses. We are one full week into January, and I’m wondering how your all doing with cleaning up your diets after the holiday’s. January 2nd was the day I set for myself to get back to the basics with my clean eating. I started off good so I thought. Until I […]