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Figure Competition Training – Day 1

Day one of my training for my figure competition words to describe tired, cranky, hungry. Not sore yet that will come tomorrow I’m sure. I had difficulty sleeping yesterday, because I was so excited to train with Walt. I walked in the gym with a smile from ear to ear. I asked Walt about taking […]

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Sexy Booty Curves!

Time to get your booty ready for your booty shorts, and get them sexy booty curves! Or as my friends husband would say make your butt smile! I’ve got four exercise for you to complete as a circuit that will not only get your butt smiling, but your legs rock hard with these explosive exercises. […]


Give Me A Rocking Body is the title of today’s workout, because it’s going to do just that! You’ll complete this as a circuit. You’ll alternate between strength training and jump roping. Try to do 12-15 reps of each each strength training exercise, and jump rope for 1 minute. Once you’ve completed all exercises once […]