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A Healthy Way to Prepare Fish 1

A HEALTHY WAY TO PREPARE FISH: Protein is the leading nutrient in my new diet to get me ready for my competition in April. I try to switch it up to keep it fresh. Right now I’ve been eating a lot of fish from Cod, Tilapia, and Tuna. It’s important to cook your fish properly […]

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Figure Competition Training – Day 3 & 4 2

Figure competition training – Day 3 & 4 Happy Friday everyone. Today is day 4 of my figure competition training so I’m going to compile yesterday and today’s training into one post. Yesterday was day 3 of my figure competition training, and I trained with my coach. This was the hardest day yet. The biggest […]

Figure Competition Training – Day 2

Day two of my figure competition training. I must say the hardest part so far is the nutrition I plan on talking to my coach tomorrow to get more clarification about that. He gave me a meal plan, but there are no numbers so I’m kinda unclear how much to eat. The only numbers I […]

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A picture is worth a thousand words. 2

I’m back! It was a fun summer, but now it’s time to get back to it. Over the summer I worked out daily, but sometimes my diet took a backseat, and I’d allow myself treats I wouldn’t normally eat. My biggest downfall was the occasional glass of red wine. Alchol is a big no, no […]

Can To Much CARDIO Be A Bad Thing?

Can to much CARDIO be a bad thing? What do you think? As a Trainer people often stop me at the gym to ask questions. They want to know what they should be doing, if they’re doing it correct, how often they should be doing it, and at what intensity. That’s just exercising then we’ve […]

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Bikini Ready Body!

The title “Bikini Body Ready” seems a little off when you see a picture of me in pants and a spring jacket. I cannot believe how cold it’s gotten! Two weeks ago we were enjoying 85 degrees in Michigan. Yesterday April 10th it was snowing, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from […]

Marshmallow Peeps. Here chicky,chicky….

Marshmallow Peeps they’re so darn cute! Those fluffy little cute pink bunnies, and cute little yellow chicks. Before filling the Easter Basket with these popular Easter treats consider the nutritional FACTS. FUN FACTS: Did You Know? That peeps we’re created in 1953 and back then it took a full day to make one Peep? With […]

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Super Lemon

Lemon? Yes Please!

The next time your server asks if you’d like lemon in your water say, “Yes Please”! That piece of fruit has much more benefit to you than just sitting pretty in your glass, and making your water taste like something. There are diet as well as medicinal benefits to lemons. There are quite a few […]

Hot Sexy ASS Workout!

It’s been a crazy night trying to get this video public. I was editing earlier then I had to leave to teach Boot Camp. From there pick up the kids from day care then back home to make dinner. Luckily I didn’t burn dinner amongst all the multitasking. I had my turkey burger on the […]

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I’m a bit nervous but here it is my Spring Transformation Challenge before photo! Click on photo to enlarge. So I’m three weeks into my Spring Transformation Challenge, and it’s getting easier everyday! The first week was the most difficult, because I had to give up my gimme… glass of red wine at night. By […]