Catching up and New Recipes! 1

Time for me to catch up with you all, and I have some new recipes to share!

I recently got back from a three day weekend vacation with Dan. We went up north to Boyne Mountain. I shot a new workout the “1000 rep workout” while we were there. I haven’t published it yet, because I’ve been having issues with window’s live movie maker which is the program I use to edit all my videos. I’ve edited the video three times now, and when I hit save I get an error and the program closes. I’m working on that, and I’ve got my fingers crossed I’ll be able to post it soon.
mountain biking

We brought our new bikes with us, and spent all 3 days mountain biking in Boyne and Petoskey. Those hills were challenging even for me being a seasoned spin instructor. We rode the trails at Boyne Mountain, and we also took the North Trail in Petoskey. Which is a single track trail that runs from up state New York to the Dakota’s. You go as far as you want then turn around. The elevation of Petoskey is 666 ft so you can imagine the climb. You’d come out of a switch back hoping to catch a break then more hill after hill after hill. It was comparable to being in gear 18 on a Keiser for the entire hour. We rode until our quads gave us the finger. Now you’d think going down would be easy…not quite. Remember gear 18 that’s a steep grade. I rode the breaks just about the entire way down, and I was flying as I was taking switchbacks through narrow trees. It was scary to say the least. While I was experiencing that moment my mind was saying “I want this to be over”, but when it was over I had a great feeling of accomplishment, and was ready for the next challenge.


The trip was so relaxing even though I was getting quite a workout. The views from our room were break taking. I took this one the morning we were leaving. The fog was rolling off the mountain.

dan and stacy

boyne resort


On day three we had to return home :( As sad as we were to leave, because you always feel like you could use one more day, we were more happy to see our 3 boy’s.

On the way home we stopped to have breakfast at this countryside diner. They had a stuffed black bear in the lobby so I had to have some fun with it. I told Dan I was going to trick our 8 year old Aidan by telling him a black bear tried to attack mommy, but I used my muscles to kick his butt then we became good pals. Dan doesn’t think Aidan’s going to fall for it. We’ll see.

black bear boyne mountain

I’ve got some new recipes to share with you.

Chicken and Vegetables. chicken and vegtables

I cooked 4 low sodium chicken breasts on low heat covered on the stove. The chicken will end up sweating and cooking in it’s natural juices. I seasoned with Mrs. Dash steak seasoning. I like the flavor of that seasoning even on chicken. I also added about 1 tbs of mined garlic. Once the chicken was about 3 minutes out I added the veggies to the pan. I like my veggies to be steamed ala mode. I added Italian cut green beans, Sliced carrots, baby bella mushrooms, and red peppers. I had enough to feed the boy’s and I, and have enough for lunch and dinner the next day.

whey protein

Lately I’ve been eating my protein shakes a bit differently. I add about 1 cup of ice to my single serve blender. 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein, 1 tbs of flax seed, 1 tbs of chocolate PB2, 1 tbs smuckers natural peanut butter, and fill the blender with unsweetened almond milk, and blend well. Today I had to teach 3 back to back strength training classed at Chrysler headquarters. There wasn’t even enough time to use the restroom let alone eat. By the time I got home I was looking to get my blood sugar up for some increased energy so I added 1 large strawberry, and 1/2 cup of blueberries to the same recipe above, and it was delicious! I can see myself having that one again :)



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    Amanda K

    Thanks for the great post. Sounds like your vacation with Dan was amazing and you had fun and got some exercise in there too. Good for you. The chicken and veggies looks amazing and I’ll definitely have to give that one a whirl. I can’t comment on the protein shake as I’ve had to stop drinking the whey powder I had before due to a milk allergy (e.g. casein and whey) so I’m on the hunt for a different, milk free version. Let me know if you see any. Thanks again for the catch up and recipe.